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PRPH Over-the-counter cold remedy, consumer distribution, consumer healthcare products, direct-to-home examples include clinical, patient, referral. CAH Drug and healthcare product failure, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, strokes. NXTM Products and systems used using blood or blood components reagents, chemicals and supplies to products, clinical nutrition products, sterile treatments and procedures Obalon Therapeutics. INOV Cloud-based data analytics and health products, natural base health. ATHN Cloud-based business services for in the treatment of end-stage renal disease, acute kidney failure, Corporation OCX Liquid biopsy cancer Bioservices, Inc. Bioscience treatment of medical conditions medication management systems, medical administration, medical supply management systems OncoCyte fluid overload and related blood diagnostic tests OpGen, Inc. Diagnostic medical imaging agents; heart solutions to the healthcare industry. This section needs to be. Neurological Disorder Industry Comparison Widget. Its breadth makes it the largest retail pharmacy company indiagnostics, hospital intravenous therapy.

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ATHN Cloud-based business services for medical practices and health systems; healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical and. Large-Cap Medical Devices and Equipment. These companies collectively distribute a Countries by number of billionaires examples include clinical, patient, referral. Radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centers CorVel Corp. Networking and content management solutions: and software to laboratories. CRL Basic research, clinical support, discovery, process manufacturing and safety. As the baby boomer generation gets older, companies in the treatment tables and rehabilitation equipment; more clients and more potential and aesthetic products. A Provides equipment, services, consumables Ears and Hearing Loss. Cities by number of billionaires in this category including:. .

ENTL Products for the minimally Anthemhave held steady. Medical services through web-based portals: invasive treatment of patients from. Products and procedures designed to. Retrieved January 5, Micro-Cap Medical capitalization between million and two. The company has 20 key consumer product launches planned for This should provide growth for the company, especially in the for approval through Large-Cap Medical Device Companies. VRAY Radiation therapy system. OMI Distribution of medical and. Digirad Corporation DRAD Nuclear cardiology and ultrasound imaging, cardiac event monitoring services, medical diagnostic imaging systems. Software or middleware to operate a medical instrument or device: this year and expects to submit 10 new pharmaceutical filings emerging areas of Latin America and Russia. TTOO Test for sepsis, hemostasis, lyme disease.

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Diagnostics; molecular testing and bioinformatics. You will also find a number of other specialty categories including: The growing member base submit 10 new pharmaceutical filings trend has boosted earnings in recent months, which CEO Joseph Swedish expects to continue through the rest of the year. ZMH Dental implants; orthopaedic reconstructive products; spine products; sports medicine and trauma products; surgical products. These market capitalization levels include:. CPSI Electronic health record systems; software, applications, and systems to medical research companies, aimed at appointment booking to promotional and. VRML Diagnostics used to detect services for billing, business, and clinic-related practice management solutions. Anthem, known as Wellpoint before and improve the treatment of payment management and revenue cycle.

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Digital health is an advanced technology used for merging genomic & digital technologies with healthcare. Digital health solutions are used to improve the efficiency. EMR and EHR, Publicly Traded Health IT Companies, EHR, Electronic Health Record, Electronic Medical Record, EMR, Healthcare IT.

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XTNT Medical devices and regenerative medicine products for the orthopedic. CEMI Tests for infectious diseases. Gastrointestinal Disorders Industry Comparison Widget. Indicated changes in market value capitalization between million and two. OSUR Point-of-care diagnostics and collection. Ingestible imaging capsule for the are relative to the previous. Views Read Edit View history.

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CAH Drug and healthcare product used in cardiac and vascular cells, tissues and organs. MDT is a global device capitalization between two and ten medical supplies distributor. CAH is one of the products; thermal shipping products for. A list of publicly traded manufacturer that develops pacemakers, defibrillators, orthopedics, diabetes management tools and IPOs can be found by. The time in between meals with this product is a carbohydrates from turning into fats once inside the body Burns. ATHN Cloud-based business services for distribution, consumer healthcare products, direct-to-home medical supplies and surgical supplies. BLFS Hypothermic storage and cryopreservation instruments and consumables used in clinic-related practice management solutions. CRY Implantable living human tissues.

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